Chicagoland Smile Group was established as an umbrella corporation for a group of privately owned dental practices. We manage each office as a separate entity and use the most updated equipment and dental materials available. Our highly skilled dentists are handpicked from U.S. accredited dental schools and trained in the most painless and efficient techniques.

Our vision is to become the most respected patient and culture focused dental care organization in the Midwest. This is the core of our business and our lives, every decision made for the betterment of patients, partners and staff. We truly believe that Chicagoland Smile Group is already a best-in-class organization in the dental community with so much more opportunity as we continue to grow.

We help our dentist partners achieve their personal and professional goals by managing many time consuming and often stressful business functions such as payroll, patient and staff scheduling, staff recruiting, marketing, financing, real estate management, accounting and information technology. By assuming these responsibilities, we allow our dentists to solely focus their skills and energy on patient care. The consolidation of these business support functions serves to benefit our doctors by enabling them to deliver quality, affordable dental care to more patients without the administrative obstacles.

We understand that employees choose careers in health care so that they can make a difference in the lives of others. That’s why we offer great salaries, opportunities for advancement, and an environment where employees can know they are working toward a vision of a better tomorrow for themselves and for those patients that they serve. Our practice model offers the patient-focused clinical care with a wide array of payment and financing options tailored to their budget.

Chicagoland Smile Group is continuously expanding our fleet of dental offices and affiliated partners, all while maintaining our exceptional standard of patient care. We pride ourselves on using the best materials, dental laboratories, and supplies available. We accomplish this without increasing the cost to the patient. We strive to ensure our affiliated dentists, staff, and patients feel that they are benefiting from their relationship with Chicagoland Smile Group. As a result we have been able to grow by opening new offices in strategic locations to best serve the needs of the community. We hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey!


Roshan P. Parikh, DDS, MBA
Founder and President
Chicagoland Smile Group

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